Participant Work

Below is a sample of projects by SFD participants.


Mike Fortuno, “Global Aggregate Contributions”

A visualization of crops and calorie types using d3.js, from the International Center on Tropical Agriculture.

Mike is graduating in December 2015 with a B.S. in Computer Science to accompany a previous B.A. in Media Arts. Mike has worked in video and digital animation and has been interested in the visual and interactive applications of technology. Mike can be found at



Krutika Bavle, “Seattle Real Estate Dashboard”

A visualization of trends in Seattle-area real estate using Tableau

“An Industrial engineering graduate student academically, my interest is in fields such as data engineering, complex statistical theories, and testing hypotheses. Outside of academics I enjoy photography, writing poems, painting, day dreaming, and recently I have started writing a short story.
“My end product- I was planning on creating a visualization using D3 originally, but my attempts at learning CSS and Javascript from scratch didn’t culminate into a usable output by the time of the presentation  and I decided to take a detour and use Tableau instead. Additionally I chose to use a data set which was on Tableau’s resources and used my own interpretation in order to create a visualization. My take away points from this workshop- a greater understanding of how to present one’s findings in a manner that makes interpretation as automated as possible without putting in too much bias into a visualization’s narrative.”
Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.58.54 PM.png
Bruce Matsunaga, “Word Cloud of International Center for Tropical Agriculture Study #8”
A visualization in d3.js and a process narrative in Google Slides
Process narrative:
Javascript visualization in browser:
“I am a Ph.D. in English Literature at Arizona State University working in Digital Humantities and Romanticism. I work full-time for the English Department as their web master (Drupal), Blackboard Course Administrator, Multi-Media Producer (Video, Audio and Still Photography), Social Media Manager, Technical Support Specialist, CoursEval Manager, and Academic Jobs Online Manager. My hat collection is large, it contains multitudes 🙂

“I provide computing workshops and individual support for the English Department. My workshops include basic computing skills, application use (Blackboard, Photoshop, Audacity, MovieMaker, Google Docs, Google Sites), Online Pedagogy and web page development (Dreamweaver, Contribute).”